Red River Bluegrass Festival

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In the event of inclement weather, the festival will be indoors at the Community House.

SOUND ENGINEERED BY:  Oasis Sound, Edgewood, N.M.


2014 Red River Bluegrass Festival

MUSIC Schedule


THURSDAY,  September 11

1-4:00p;  Bluegrass Mini-Camp, The Hard Road Trio

5-6:00p;  Mic-Chek Band

6-7:00p;  Bill Herne Trio

7-8:00p;  Mystic Lizard

8-9:00p;  Augusta Road                                               

9-10:00p;  Triple L Band


FRIDAY, September 12

9-Noon;  Bluegrass Mini-camp, The Hard Road Trio


6-7:00p;  the Lost Howlin' Coyotes

7-8:00p;  Bobby Giles and Music Mountain       

8-9:00p;  Blue Ridge Entertainers                      

9-10:00p;  Triple L Band  


SATURDAY, September 13

10-Noon;  Workshops        

12-1:00p;  Mini-Camp Ensambles

1-2:00p;  Ry Taylor and Tim Colliver

2-3:00p;  Jacob and James Quartet

3-4:00p;  Blue Ridge Entertainers

4-5:00p;  Hard Road Trio

5-6:00p;  Bobby Giles and Music Mountain

6-7:00p;  Fritz Davis Quartet

7-8:00p;  The Rifters

8-9:00p;  TRIPLE L BAND

9-10:00p;  Blue Ridge Entertainers


SUNDAY, September 14   

10-11:30a;  RRCH CHURCH SERVICES/Mic-Chek Band

NOON-1:00p;  Augusta Road

1-2:00p;  The Hard Road Trio

2-3:00p;  Triple L  Band

3-4:00p;  Mic-Chek Band